Deonte Burton’s Dunk of the Year Should Land Him On A No-Fly List 

Deonte Burton must be stopped or at the very least placed on a No-Fly list for the terror he strikes in the air over college basketball hardwoods. The 6-1 guard for the Nevada Wolfpack appears harmless, but mid-air, he's an absolute menace. Burton's 40 plus inch-vert hops are his calling card and he often leaves a dazed victim behind at the scene. On Wednesday night, the Nevada guard unleashed a flush so furious detectives should have been called in to sweep the floor for evidence.

It may be worthy of being dubbed dunk of the year. Judge for yourself. Just peep the way Burton leans, hangs mid-air, cocks it back a little further to add to the CGI'd visual effects and then listen to the color commentator flavor the play with his own perspective on how the dunk was an affront to the defender's family name. Not only was this the magnum opus of 2014 slams, but the call should earn an ESPY award for narration. I'm not sure if that's an actual category, but it should be.

Now to the victim. The player's number is ambiguous and you can't quite make it out from the video, but that's probably for the best. Other media outlets have reported his identity, but amateur victims of violent, fly-by posterizations deserve their peace and the opportunity to live a normal life afterwards without being ostracized afterwards as a dunk of the year martyr. Brandon Knight was a pro. This Boise State student-athlete was just a kid.

Immediately, after the dunk Boise State's players huddled up to either talk strategy, recoup or give their teammate a hug to regain his fractured self-esteem. That's what teammates are for.

As soon as Burton lands on the tarmac, authorities should be waiting to question him. If he lands across state lines, this dunk case could go federal.  Burton also goes by the alias Deonte Jordan. If you see Burton, do not stand in front of him and his destination. 

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