DeMarcus Cousins stands up for Black History Month

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month. Every year. 

This is nothing new. It’s on every printed calendar and observed across almost every corporation and media company. Some might not acknowledge it’s importance as much as they once did, but it’s still important, and DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacrmento Kings decided to take a stand for it.

On Monday the Kings were set to unveil a promotion in honor of the Chinese New Year by distributing shirts labeled “Year of the Monkey.” But DeMarcus, being aware and sensitive of the significance of February 1st, made his voice heard and the team cancelled the promotion and removed the shirts.

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(Photo credit: Sacramento Bee)

We all need a lesson in sensitivity, Kings president Chris Granger said. In an effort to celebrate Chinese New Year, we had some concerns about the T-shirt giveaway, so we pulled them all before the doors opened. Certainly we don’t want to offend anybody, and we acted as soon as we heard the concern.

According to CBS Sports, Center DeMarcus Cousins was one of the first people to raise concern with team officials, and soon thereafter, the shirts were collected.

Some might debate DeMarcus’ and the team’s sensitivity, but after the Denver Nuggets mind-blowing, ignorant “White Pride” promotion a few weeks ago, it’s better safe than sorry for the Kings. More importantly, it’s refreshing to see a young athlete like Cousins stand up for something so important.

The team went ahead with the on court promotion but not with the shirts.

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