DeMarco Murray Thinks He Can Rush For 2,000 Yards Next Season

The best is yet to come for DeMarco Murray — or so he thinks. Though Murray hasn’t even tallied 1,000 rushing yards in a season yet, the Cowboys’ top running back believes he can up the ante to Adrian Peterson levels and hit 2,000 yards next season.

The former Oklahoma Sooner made the ESPN rounds on Wednesday, and when asked if he could rush for 2,000 yards next season, he said yes, though its something only seven other players have in NFL history.

“I think I’m capable of anything,” Murray said.     

He isn’t the only Cowboy who thinks he can ball out next season. Back in March, we talked about how Dez Bryant thinks he can bag 2,000 receiving yards next year. Well, unless the Cowboys have the best offensive output ever, only one is going to happen, and the latter seems more likely. Tony Romo threw a career high 648 passes last season.

If Murray can stay healthy and play a full season, something he has yet to do in his career, then he may have a slight chance. But the next time he is asked if he could put up AP-like numbers, it might be better to take the humility route.

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