Demarco Murray Is Running The Cowboys Back Into The Spotlight

Are the Dallas Cowboys for real? That is the question everyone is asking as the Cowboys have gone 4-1 so far this season, winners of four straight, leading up to what will most likely be their biggest test, the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks.

Spearheading the Cowboys’ offensive attack is the dynamic Demarco Murray, a player that people need to pay MORE attention to.

Murray currently has 670 yards rushing through five games, breaking 100 yards in each of those games. He is on pace to demolish Eric Dickerson’s 1984 season rushing record of 2,105 yards. It also is interesting to note that if Demarco does continue at this pace of scoring a touchdown a game, he will be ahead of Eric Dickerson (14) in touchdowns as well.

Now this could mean one of two things. One, Murray is just that good, or two, he is dangerously over-achieving and nearing his limit. So far this season Murray has bumped Cowboy legends Emmitt Smith, Herschel Walker and Tony Dorsett for the most yards through the first five games. 

He is also the first back in Cowboys history to have five 100 yard rushing games in a row. Murray is on pace to have 416 carries this season which would match Larry Johnson’s league record set in 2005. Murray’s success can be attributed to the Cowboys’ offensive line which is arguably the best in the NFL. But we have all seen what excessive carries can lead to, including fatigue, injuries and shortened careers; fans of Larry Johnson, Curtis Martin and Fred Taylor can attest to this fact. As great as they all were, the grueling workload imposed on them eventually wore their bodies down, so only time will tell what lies in store for the Cowboys star.

A season rushing title requires more than just a great offensive line; it requires a back with tremendous vision, patience for holes to emerge, an understanding of how to preserve his body as the season progresses and, in many cases, a change of pace back to take some of the pressure off of him each game. If Murray ever had a criticism coming into this season it was the question of his durability; so far this season he has seemingly put those worries to rest. However, the season is still very young and the games will only become more challenging and hard hitting. 

If Demarco continues at this pace the discussion of breaking season setting rushing records will continue to grow, putting more pressure on Murray to perform at a high level. Both Cowboys’ and fantasy football fans will be pushing for the emerging Dallas player to break the league’s lofty season rushing titles. This, coupled with the team’s great start, is once again making the Dallas Cowboys must see TV.