Delonte West Drops Gems On Snarks

Delonte West is the real deal, the genuine article. A lot of athletes like to put on eccentric/quirky airs. There's no frontin' with Delonte. Check this YouTube classic below:

"Hot sauce in my bag." That's a 20-ton lug, if I ever heard one.

We've witnessed a lot of characters, these past years. Brian Wilson, Agent Zero, Tony Plush, Ron-Ron — there's a degree of pandering entertainment to some their "acts" that you don't get from Delonte. That's what makes the dude so endearing.

Recently, the Dallas Mavs let him go, fired him with what seemed to be somewhat of a heavy heart. Delonte has issues that he deals with. He's dealing with them now. Yesterday, in true, typical Delonte fashion, he took to Twitter to broadcast his "rasamay" (purposeful misspelling, he says, and we believe him) for interested parties. Of course, because Delonte is Delonte, it didn't come off as pathetic as some of these out-of-work NFL receivers. What was slick, however, but not all surprising, was that, during Delonte's tweetologue, he dropped more than a few reflective gems. He also didn't let the thousands of unfunny snarksters get away with clowning him. The jokes is not on that man.

What you'll read below goes in the books as another in a growing catalogue of Delonte Classics.





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