Deion Sanders Faces Possible Closure Of Charter School

Deion Sanders' charter school has seen better days. The Texas Education Agency has started the process to revoke the charter from Uplift Fort Worth, which sponsors the Prime Prep Academy, co-founded by Sanders.

The letter sent to revoke the charter stated, "It is not in the best interest of students to attend a charter school that is ineligible for participation in the NSLP (National School Lunch Program) or any other child nutrition program administered by TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture).”

In April of this year, Prime Prep Superintendent Ron Price was sent a letter from The Texas Department Agriculture stating that the school had until May 12 to repay $45,830.92 they had received for providing subsidized meals in fall 2013. The department further claimed that the school provided no documentation that those meals were served but filed claims for the money.

Co-founder DL Wallace and his wife were accused of money mismanagement in regards to programs for the charter school and have since been banned for life.

Although Deion himself has not been accused of any wrongdoing in the situation he spoke out against Uplift Forth Worth. “My former Co-Founder DL Wallace was a Crook and Heartless and we are still suffering from his Devilish ways," Sanders Tweeted.  "TEA informed Prime Prep said they would revoke the charter pending appeal for the Food Program that Wallace hustled the state out of $45,000. We will appeal immediately. I feel bad for this nonsense of yesterday affecting today and the potential of tomorrow for our students and NEW administration. We will fight this like we have all the other battles that we've faced. 100% graduation rate 2 years straight and 15 scholarships awarded. In only 2 years of existence. In no form or fashion has me or my administration done any wrong regarding feeding or educating our students. TRUTH I will pay the 45,000 myself to right DL Wallace's wrong to the state if they will accept it. Don't punish our kids for this Fool.”

The school was opened in 2012 and gained attention due to its support from Sanders, himself a former Dallas Cowboys football player. Uplift also operates a Prime Prep campus in Dallas Texas.

Now, the school has until July 30 to appeal the recommendation for revocation and request a hearing. If it doesn’t appeal, Prime Prep Academy’s charter will be revoked.


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