Decision Part 3: LeBron Opts Out Of Contract With Cavs

LeBron James has done the inevitable and opted out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now that the most coveted free agent on the market has made his first move towards finding another Superteam for him to chase rings, the NBA free agency festivities have officially begun. 

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LeBron James opts out, could be taking his talents elsewhere

LeBron could still return to Cleveland on a one-year deal or he can leave and sign a four-year deal as a free agent. If he leaves and goes to the Lakers he will be forgetting about $55 million dollars, according to ESPNs Stephen A. Smith, but the money he makes in endorsements and other financial endeavors more than makes up for whatever money he loses. 

LeBron James doesnt seem to be a doe chaser, more of a ring chaser so if he can pick up another ring on his way out and move closer to Jordan it would definitely help his legacy. Even if it’s in LA with Kawhi and Paul George. As far as him returning to Cleveland, the Cavs can forget about that. He gave that town a championship and more. Drafting Collin Sexton is not going to make LeBron change his mind about moving on. 

The question now is where will LeBron end up? Thats totally up to Magic Johnson and whether or not he can pull off the incredible and work a trade for Kawhi with the Spurs and bring Paul George in to create a badass Big Three. The Decision Part 3 is officially underway, LeBron James is a free agent and the NBA world meets the social media moshpit for the highly anticipated King James sweepstakes. 

Right now, LeBron is in the Caribbean chilling with his closest confidants, getting in that “Decision Cave” and coming up with the perfect destination for James to flourish. 

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