David Pollack Puts His Foot In His Mouth

The subject of Condoleezza Rice joining the NCAA's selection committee for next season's college football playoff came up on College Gameday, and David Pollack and Chris Fowler began quite the firestorm.

Pollack initially began explaining that he would prefer people who were around the game to be on the committee, or people who played college football. Fowler then led him down a hole and said, "So no women?" As you'll see, Pollack deflected the insinuation back to Fowler, while the rest of the crew uncomfortably hoped the commercial break was coming ASAP. 

Pollack led with, "I'm going to stick my foot in my mouth," and he probably should have left it there. If he was aware enough to know what he was saying was stupid, why say it? Still, segments like these are all discussed beforehand, and Fowler must have known Pollack's position, yet decided to point out the elephant in the room anyway. While unprofessional, perhaps Fowler felt like cutting through the subverse for once. 

In my opinion, an outsider like Rice would be a great thing for the committee — though Rice is well connected to football and said NFL commissioner is her dream job. Think of all the money problems in the NCAA now. The system hasn't given us much reason to think they can be trusted. 

The comments drew a lot of attention on Twitter, and even reached Erin Andrews, who fired back on FoxSports1.