Darren Sharper is headed to federal prison

Ex NFL safety Darren Sharper has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison and lifetime probation after being found guilty of sexually assaulting nine women in four states. His sentences will run concurrently. Sharper pled guilty in Los Angeles on Monday but also pled guilty in cases in Arizona via video teleconference. Sharper has hearings in Las Vegas and New Orleans pending. Sharper in each case drugged and sexually assaulted his victims using the prescription drug Ambien or zolpidem. Investigators discovered that Sharper had a prescription for the medication. A search of one of the victims apartments turned up a shot glass with white residue inside of it that turned out to be zolpidem. 

The NFL world is shocked by these hideous revelations. Scott Fujita who was Sharpers NFL teammate stated 

He (Sharper) was a great teammate, a great player, but all that aside, its disgusting and beyond repulsive. Look, Im a dad of 3 daughters…if he ends up only serving 9 years, its an absolute shame, its way too short.