Darren Sharper Indicted On Charges Of Rape

Former Saints/Vikings/Packers safety, and member of the NFL's 2000's All-Decade team, Darren Sharper, was indicted on rape chargers in New Orleans today. Sharper was arrested in Los Angeles in January and charged with two counts of rape. His accomplices, NFL event coordinator Erik Nunez and St. Bernard Parish deputy Brandon Licciardi, have also been indicted. Licciardi is also being charged with human trafficking and battery.

Sharper, who many have claimed to have slipped something into the drinks of his victimes, has been accused of raping nine different women in five different states.    

Sharper turned himself in in February in New Orleans after warrants were issued, however his bail for all of his pre-indictment charges has been set for $2.5 million. Sharper is also under investigation in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida. His lawyer stated during his February 20th hearing that in every instance Sharper was intoxicated but the contact was consensual. 

All three men face life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

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