Danny Green Didn’t Forget The Code | Former Tim Duncan Teammate Successfully Avoids Out-Of-Line Question By Charlamagne Tha God

“The Breakfast Club”, is widely known and accepted as an exciting talk show that incites drama throughout the social media world.

The subject or the person involved doesn’t matter, and recently they’ve dragged two well known San Antonio Spurs players into their mess and the question that comes up in this interview is hilarious, and extremely intrusive as well.

Former Spurs forward Danny Green was at “The Breakfast Club” radio show to talk to the crew about his career, and a multitude of other things. Popular and controversial radio show host Charlamagne Tha God brought the hammer down with his rather blunt question. 

He asked the now-Memphis Grizzlies forward if his former teammate, and Hall Of Famer Tim Duncan is bisexual. 

A lot of people were probably raising an eyebrow at that question for multiple reasons. Why would Tim Duncan be bisexual? How would Danny Green know, and answer that if we haven’t heard TD come out himself? And why would Charlamagne ask Danny Green that question?

There are reasonable and understandable answers to those questions that date back to 2013 when Tim Duncan and his ex-wife Amy were getting divorced.

One of the main rumors surrounding their divorce was that Amy was upset that Duncan supposedly had a boyfriend during their marriage. That being one of the leading reasons for their divorce according to multiple sources. 

While these stayed as rumors and that narrative never developed or even continued throughout the years, during that time there was some scrutiny around Duncan, who was a rather quiet and reserved athlete that kept it simple. Danny Green spent seven seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, spending almost the whole time there with Duncan, who retired in 2016. Green left in the 2017-2018 season. 

Charlamagne must’ve figured that with all that time spent with The Big Fundamental, if anyone would know something as personal as that, Danny Green would know. 

The Green Ranger’s answer was as textbook and heartwarming as could be, where he explained that he wouldn’t know or has never seen any indication that Duncan was bisexual, and that if he was it wouldn’t matter to him at all. 

“I mean Timmy’s Tim. I’m not gonna look at him any differently. He’s my teammate, regardless. I haven’t heard anything about it and I definitely haven’t suspected anything, but you know he’s going through some stuff and that’s what happens when you go through a divorce and sometimes it gets ugly.” 

That’s not something Green would know, and if he did it would not have been his piece of information to share publicly. He clearly understood the assignment by way of his answer, and also did throw some insight into the drama surrounding those rumors at the time. He thoughtfully added in the fact that a lot of media was covering Duncan’s divorce and that there was a bunch of speculation getting thrown out into the public from multiple sides. 

While Green conveyed a good response to “The Breakfast Club,” many were questioning the blunt questioning by Charlamagne. Anyone who knows of Charlamagne Tha God, or watches “The Breakfast Club,” which recently lost co-host Angela Yee, knows that Charlamagne is liable to ask intrusive questions, or say provocative or invasive stuff that people can find offensive. He has been called out and put on the hot seat plenty of times for these actions and behaviors before, so to many who are familiar that question was normal for them. 

Green is a part of that NBA brotherhood, and beyond that he and Tim Duncan are like brothers as well, being longtime friends and teammates. He’s not going to betray his friend, nor will he even try to navigate through the questions to put a positive spin on it. While many fall victim to “The Breakfast Club” and Charlamagne’s antics, he successfully evaded them.

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