Danny Glover Fights Racism in Supremacy

The media has been consumed with talk of racism. Blatant actions and prejudice words by those in power has made it even more baffling to see how some like the Supreme Court still don’t see or accept the realities in the situation. But art often imitates life. And Danny Glover’s upcoming film Supremacy, seems to be an eerie reminder of the world we live in where some embrace the hate with passion and fire, while others prefer to not accept it at all.

According to blackfilm.com, Supremacy – which is “inspired by true events” – surrounds around the tale of a cop killing, ex-con leader of an Aryan Nation sect who takes a black family hostage with the help of his lover. Danny Glover plays hero, working to use his smarts to outwit the murderous, unapologetic racist. Coming from the producers of Django Unchained, Supremacy stars Lela Richon, Derek Luke, Evan Ross, Joe Anderson (The River), Dawn Oliveri, Mahershala Ali, and Anson Mount. Although no definitive release date has been announced, the movie premieres at this year’s LA Film Festival.

Check the moving trailer below for Supremacy.

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