Danny Crawford, Veteran NBA Referee, Retires After Three Decades

He’s been a fixture on the NBA hardwood for over three decades, running up and down the court while controlling the flow of the game. While most might not recognize him off of the court, especially without his grey shirt and black whistle, NBA fans know exactly who he is, and you can be sure they’ve booed him a few times. Well now they can cheer him as he leaves the court.

Long time NBA Official Danny Crawford has decided to call it quits after an NBA career that spanned 31 years. 

NBA Referees on Twitter

Dan Crawford, one of the most accomplished referees in NBA history, is retiring. Congrats to Danny on an incredible career!

He called 23 consecutive NBA Finals, culminating in his final NBA Finals game this past season, walking off the court at Oracle Arena for the last time in his Hall of Fame worthy career, one that should see him enshrined alongside another great official, Dick Bavetta.

Just how far back does Danny Crawford go back with the league? Not only did he call games for Michael, Magic and Larry, he was also around for these memorable NBA songs. 

Can’t you just hear Dick Stockton setting up the game in the show open?

NBA on CBS TV Theme Song

I don’t know who wrote the song but I would like to know who wrote the classic song 🙂

Or what about Bob Costas?

NBA On NBC Theme 1991-2002

NBA On NBC Used Theme 1991-2002 Sus Comentarios Son Bienvenidos

He was there for it all. Congrats Danny!

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