Dan Marino And Shannon Sharpe Cut From CBS’ The NFL Today Show

It turns out that the television broadcast profession is just like the NFL. Some young cat is always coming along to take your job.

On Tuesday, CBS made sweeping changes to its NFL Today studio show by ridding the desk of two future Hall of Famers and replacing it with a future Canton inductee. During his prolific career, Gonzalez eclipsed nearly every single one of Shannon Sharpe's career tight end receiving records and on Tuesday, he took Sharpe's old job. It appears that CBS isn't adding an extra host, unlike most rapidly multiplying pregame shows. Sharpe has been a target of satire because of his speech pattern and poor grammar since he replaced Deion Sanders as a studio analyst in 2004.

It's unclear what Marino or Sharpe will do next. Gonzalez has the tools to be a successful broadcaster, but more importantly he also has a solid decade until Jimmy Graham starts eyeing his job.

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