Dan Le Batard Replaced Dennis Rodman As Sports Media’s Public Enemy Numero Uno

Back in November, Deadspin revealed that they had obtained a Cooperstown vote from an anonymous Baseball Writers of America voter. Their mission was to crowdsource the vote by having their readers decide how they’d fill out the ballot they'd submit. The people spoke and they decided PED shot callers Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were worthy.

On Wednesday, their donor was revealed to be ESPN's Dan Le Batard. However, we had to double check, just in case there was a repeat of the false Carmelo MVP vote accusations episode on our hands. Le Batard's purpose was to call attention to the BBBWA's sanctimonious and rigid voting admission standards for guys who played during MLB's Steroid Era.

http://www.wildaboutmovies.com/images_6/how_to_lose_friends_and_alienate_people.jpgLike a science fair volcano, sportswriters of America proceeded to erupt in anger because if there’s a group of people you don’t call out in print or broadcast; it’s journalists.

Critics accused him of using this as a form of self-promotion. Even from friends like Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, the response was swift and vitriolic. His vote will likely be stripped and they’ll eventually shun Le Batard or as he's now known in baseball parks– Le Ba*tard. I saw a film about an anti-establishment journalist over the holidays that summarized what Le Batard is experiencing at this time. I'm not going to post a full synopsis. The title says it all.

There aren’t many things Le Batard could have done to make baseball writers angrier. I have a few ideas though. Here’s a peek at what should be next on his docket to rile up the establishment.

Tweeting out photos of himself on sunny Miami Beach while the rest of America is frozen solid in a subzero temperatures.

Testify during Aaron Hernandez trial –for the defense.

Vote Justin Tucker as his NFL MVP.

Pull a Gary Washburn and write-in Carmelo for NBA, MLB, Heisman and NFL MVP in 2014.

Shoot a promo for Fox Sports One. I guess this will only rankle ESPN.

Picked the Miami Marlins to win the World Series.

Taken Rodman and Yasiel Puig to play baseball in front of Fidel Castro  in Cuba, then call him an outstanding developer of talent.

Written a column criticizng the columns that critized his donated vote.

Asked the New York Yankees to change their franchise nickname because of its origins as a slur against Northerns and liberals.

That about covers it, unless anyone else has other suggestions.