Damn, Ann Coulter! Can Black People Live?

Dear Ann Coulter,

It is with great regret that I pen this letter with your name on it for that exact reason — that your name is on it. With the manner in which Black folks are being gunned down, wrongfully incarcerated, and constantly picked on as being a weight to the democratic experience rather than a strength, this writer would much rather have been engaging The Shadow Leagues readership in matters that educate, uplift or entertain in one measure or another. However, I find myself tasked with addressing your latest attempts at profiting off disparaging and belittling Black people.  Youve been popping up everywhere on the cable news networks as of late, having appeared with fellow malicious media maven Sean Hannity on Fox News. 

It seems as if every time White male conservatives in the media wish to go after a Black woman, or begin to feel that their message comes off the wrong way, they brave whatever cold and harrowing catacomb in which your crypt lies to drag you out into the light of day and unleash upon unsuspecting towns folk for the sake of shock and distraction. I mean, youve had disparaging things to say about Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and the Black family dynamic as a whole in the past. One must wonder why a Waspy White woman would be so utterly obsessed with Black people, Black women and the Black dynamic family in particular.

Could it be that you have a new book to promote? Or could it be that the increasing relevance of race and class in America is acidulous to your chalky hides deference to the darkness and the environment of fear that ignorance prefers?

One cannot be sure of your intentions, but chaos and confusion become strengthened in your wake. So, one can only assume that is your universal purpose. That is, to spread ignorance, to stoke fear, and to blind your constituency to truths that are indeed self-evident.

Recently the First Lady of the United States gave the commencement speech at the venerable HBCU Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama.  During the speech, Madame Obama departed from her normal demure, classy tone to light a collective fire under the assembled staff, students and well-wishers of African descent regarding the realities endemic to race in America. Strong, forceful even, delivered without mute, apology or reservation.

The speech was met with raucous applause. As was to be expected, conservatives and likeminded individuals could not wait to break down her words, spice them with disdain and hyperbole, and spoon feed them to their constituency.

You fit that role to a T, as you seemingly always have since you first started making media rounds on the major television networks during the Clinton Administration.  Heres just a snippet of your rambling, incoherent diatribe. You said, among other things, I think shes just letting out her Reverend Wright now. You also went in on the Black predator class and even denied the existence of peaceful protestors in Baltimore despite plenty of photographic evidence showing that most of the protestors were indeed exercising their rights peacefully. Do you even listen to the things you say, or do they just fall out your face syllable by syllable as formulated?

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Your other comments were equally steeped in falsehoods and trouble-making, but spliced with some truth for easier digestion.  

Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow, you told Hannity. You acknowledge reparations yet blame Democrats for Jim Crow in the same sentence knowing full well the average American would not immediately recognize that Republicans and Democrats have virtually swapped constituencies since the Reconstruction Era, which is about the time Jim Crow laws came into being.

I think weve were making it up now, when youre getting admitted to Princeton when you cant read, is that enough yet, you continued.

Making it up now?

Whos we again?

Is it the United States government that continually allows the erosion of public education and the propagation of the prison industrial complex in America? Perhaps you were referring to the Department of Justice that thinks so little of Black people that they dont even count the number of unarmed individuals who are gunned down by law enforcement on an annual basis. Please forgive my ignorance, perhaps youre referring to the manner in which virtually every politician to have ever garnered the Black vote has rescinded their promises and forgotten about us the moment they reached office, current president included.

And your thinly veiled allusion to Princeton University’s Affirmative Action policy as pay back to Blacks? You mean to tell me that the same university that just started admitting White women in relatively recently? The same university that spawned the ultra-conservative anti-gay, anti-female, anti-minority group called  the Concerned Alumni of Princeton? A hate group by any other name would still be a hate group. Yet, these are the very ideals with which you’ve aligned yourself. The best way to chase away such dastardly and reprehensible history is to change it on a daily basis by acting counter to its designs. However, to suggest that Princeton University allows sub-par students entry simply because theyre Black is wildly misleading. But, alas, thats just how you roll.

Not to make this anymore of a personal assault than it already is, but you’re just the worst kind of person, a gluttonous scavenger stuffing its gut with xenophobia and fear. You came onto the scene as a Conservative Pundit over 20 years ago, but your ridiculousness gets all the more sad and desperate as time progresses. Perhaps hate is what you want. Perhaps that is how you justify the blatantly disrespectful things that you say.

But you’ll get no hate here. Only, facts, mild irritation and pity for a sad, increasingly irrelevant woman slowly losing her grip on reality.

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