Dallas wants Dez long term, but for the right price

The Dallas Cowboys have until March 2nd to decide who gets the franchise tag, Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray. Cowboy’s executive Vice President Stephen Jones said that the club is leaning on applying the tag to Bryant. A team friendly deal for Murray seems to make sense especially if he’s hoping to stick with a competitive franchise, because it appears, the only other suitors for Murray would be downtrodden teams like the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jaguars.

Dez on the other hand has been dealing with a new management team, new people in his ear possibly telling him to hold out for a long term deal. The NFL has not set the 2015 salary cap but in all likelihood the Cowboys and other NFL teams could be shelling out upwards of 13 million dollars for wide receivers. Jones stated that the Cowboys would wait until the “midnight hour” to make a decision on Bryant.