D’Angelo Cancels Five Shows Due To Serious Medical Emergency

    D'Angelo canceled five stops on his reemergence tour due to a serious medical condition. He was forced to cancel shows in Maryland and Chicago as he was unable to leave the hospital. "It's serious, but he should be OK," said a House of Blues director in Chicago. 

    The last time D'Angelo canceled a bunch of shows he disappeared for years amid personal struggle and turmoil, rarely appearing publicly. His comeback has delighted fans across the country, including our EIC Vince Thomas. 

    The good news is that D seemed healthy and lucid. For most of the show he was working a Fender Rhodes and Moog at the same time on some Stevie Wonder ish. His voice was strong. He smiled a lot. He was engaging. He was…professional. I can’t tell you how happy that made me. He could’ve went Katt Williams on us or offered some weird, hermitic performance. Instead, the man appeared to be about his business.

    That, however, now seems to be in limbo as D'Angelo recovers from health issues. We at TSL all hope for a speedy recovery.