Cuff Daddy

The story surrounding General Petraeus has been blowing up all week, with new details and layers constantly emerging. To be fair, a story on a man of this importance does warrant a lot of attention, but for what this is, the whole thing is getting a bit ridiculous.

Here's what happened. A man with a lot of power had an affair with a younger, attractive woman. It's the oldest story in the book. The only not-surprising wrinkle was that she then got catty because she didn't want to lose her man and got caught. Musta been last cuffing season when this all went down.

And the national security concerns being championed by conservatives are all pretty crazy. Petraeus will still testify about Libya, and let's not even bring up the election again, as if it would have played a role. You guys need to take that one lying down already.

Regardless, there was excellent material on the Daily Show last night, as the woman Petraeus had an affair with, Paula Broadwell, was on his show back in January.



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