Cris Cyborg Dons Hijab in Fight for all Women

Cyborg, aka MMA fighter Cristiane Justino, has been a force in the cage for many years, becoming a fan favorite of both male and female followers of the sport. But at the start of the year, Cyborg added a new style of fighting to her arsenal, the fight for unity.

Justino, a devout Christian, donned a hijab during a skill demonstration to shine light upon her fight for all women. She took to Facebook to explain her new movement:

One of the reasons I started my Pink Belt Fitness By Cris Cyborg program was because I saw a need to unite women of all religions, ages, and cultures in a way that they could empower each other and motivate one another to achieve more with a support system!

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a devout Christian, I am wearing the Hijab, a symbol of modesty and protection used by many women around the world, not as a sign of religion but as a symbol of support for all women around the world. The Hijab is not Anti American, or terroristic, sadly those are misconceptions from those who are lacking cultural understanding.

Combat Sports should be an opportunity shared by all!

Thank you Desert Force MMA Championship  champion Yousef Wehbe and Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp for helping me share my techniques!

MMA is already one of the most globally diverse sports in the world, with fighters of both genders from all over the world competing in the octagon, so it’s great to see a top athlete in the rapidly growing sport taking a stand on an import social issue.

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