Couple Engaged In Sexual Relations In Stands At Oakland A’s Game Are Being Sought By Police

People do all sorts of wild things at sporting events and never get caught. But a couple that attended the Oakland Athletics game on Sunday are being sought by the police after video of them engaging in a sex act made its way around the internet, according to multiple reports.

The Oakland Police department has launched an investigation into the incident after a social media user posted the alleged incident on Twitter of the couple. The video is from the other side of the stadium, but it appears to show a couple in one of the last rows in the stadium engaging in fellatio.

“The Oakland Police Department was not alerted to this incident until after the game and we were advised that A’s staff/cameras did not capture video of this during the game. We have initiated an investigation. However, the parties have not been identified and no one has been cited/arrested at this time. The violation is 647(a) PC. Lewd acts in public,” said OPD Public Information Officer Candace Keas in a statement to KRON4.

If charged and convicted, the couple could be penalized with up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

America is a bizarre place when it comes to sex. On the one hand the nation’s Protestant history suggests that as a society we are quite prudish on matters of sex. But at the same time the overwhelming voyeurism, curiosity, and need to regulate what other people do as it relates to sex is a strange juxtaposition.

We can’t say for certain what was actually happening. Someone could’ve been bending over to pick something up. But does it really matter? The stadium was practically empty on Sunday with a listed attendance of 9,000. In the video you could see there was nobody near them. Just a sea of empty rows.

The cameras at the stadium didn’t record any footage of the couple, so it’s unclear what the authorities will be able to do. Are they going to find the fan who shot the video, confiscate it, attempt to magnify it and catch the couple?

That sounds like a lot of wasted hours and effort for what? A $1,000 fine. The Oakland PD can find far more constructive uses of their time.

A week ago, a couple in Ohio were arrested for having sex on a ferris wheel. The deed was witnessed by minors. They could face up to 180 days in jail.

We shouldn’t have a society where people are just doing their business out in public but there’s no need for any moral outrage, handwringing or wasting police hours on this type of behavior.

Are we really concerned about kids and minors seeing such “horrible” things? The internet does exist and if someone really wants to watch someone else having sex, there isn’t a lot that’s going to stop them.

Regardless, if you and your partner are out in public and you get the urge, save yourself the potential embarrassment and notoriety and wait until you’re somewhere private.

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