Conor McGregor Retires From MMA, But Some Aren’t Buying It

In a tweet, Conor McGregor has closed the cage door on his career.

Conor McGregor has closed the cage door on his career.

The Irish combat sports star made the announcement via social media early this morning.

McGregor, who seemingly is always watching the current UFC crop compete, was recently taunting them on social media for action. The revelation comes out of nowhere for many after speculation that McGregor would fight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was squashed recently.

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis was his next target, on social media, after his devastating KO defeat of Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in Nashville this past weekend. Pettis joined McGregor and former UFC lightweight champion, Kenny Florian as the only fighters in the UFC to achieve wins at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight.

Since becoming the first UFC fighter to hold belts simultaneously in two weight divisions, McGregor has been expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors. He famously fought a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. under his McGregor Sports & Entertainment umbrella. His media company, The Mac Life, covers the sport of MMA and athletic lifestyles.

More recently, McGregor has been on tour as the pitchman for his whiskey brand Proper 12.

McGregor has been the face of the new UFC for a few years now. After the defeat and departure of Ronda Rousey, Georges St. Pierre, and the former absence of recently returned Jon Jones, McGregor catapulted the company to new heights.

McGregor holds the records for the top five highest grossing UFC pay-per-views of all time.

He also has the second and third highest grossing PPV combat sports matches of all time with his bout against Floyd Mayweather (4.3 million buys) and Khabib Nurmagomedov (2.5 million buys) at number two and three, respectively.

Although McGregor has been in the media spotlight lately for an altercation with a fan in Miami, his star power is easily transferrable into ventures beyond the cage.

No word on whether the retirement announcement is a hoax, however, he has teased the idea in the past.  After being defeated by Nate Diaz in 2016 he said he had decided to “retire young,” but returned to avenge the loss to Diaz, which he did.

His last opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov has already taken his shot at McGregor online upon hearing the news.

For now, it seems the world has seen the last of McGregor’s fighting days. But in the mind of “The Notorious”, one never truly knows.

Rhett Butler is a Boxing Writer Association of America Journalist, Play-By-Play Commentator, Combat Sports Insider, and Former Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Promoter. The New York City native honed his skills at various news outlets including but not limited to: TIME Magazine, Money Magazine, CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reports, and more. Rhett hosts the PRITTY Left Hook podcast, a polarizing combat sports insider's take featuring the world's biggest names.