Condoleeza Rice’s College Basketball Commission Has Major Flaws

NCAA wants Condoleeza to clean things up.

On Wednesday morning, former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice gave a speech detailing her thoughts on how to improve the current landscape of college sports. In the past months, there have been clouds of FBI investigations.

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Watch Commission on College Basketball recommendations

ESPN’s Darren Rovell broke down some of the major talking point from Condelezza’s Rice’s speech.

Darren Rovell on Twitter

The Commission On College Basketball, led by @CondoleezzaRice, has recommended the following: 1. End 1 & Done 2. Players can return to school if undrafted 3. Engagement w/agents starts in HS 4. Hold on allowing players to profit off name & likeness until settled legally.

While some of things may be productive, such as allowing players to speak to agents in high school and allowing undrafted players return to the school, the NCAA continues to try to prevent mostly black players from the two major revenue-producing sports from profiting from their likeness. They deserve their fair share of the blame for all of these scandals.

As long as they continue to prevent these young players from reaching their financial potential, these type of problems will continue.