Colorado Recruit Carson Mott Says Deion Sanders Took Back His Scholarship Offer | The Portal Is Popping Again

Deion takes back Carson Mott scholarship

Three-star edge rusher Carson Mott says he was told by the football staff at Colorado that his scholarship offer was taken back following the hiring of Deion Sanders.

Mott, who committed to the team in June, took to Twitter on Monday night to tell what happened.

“Just spoke to the new Colorado staff and was informed they would not be honoring my commitment. I am officially re-opening my recruitment.”

From the sounds of it, Mott, wasn’t someone Coach Prime’s new staff was interested in keeping. And that’s standard procedure when a new coach enters the building. Many recruits are told their offer won’t be honored. It’s sort of protocol as the new staff will want the opportunity to use those scholarships to bring in players that they believe fit their scheme or philosophy. So, while it’s an unfortunate for Mott, this is something that always happens where there’s a major coaching change.

Sanders Told Current Players He Wants DAWGS

During his first time addressing the current players on the Colorado roster, Sanders didn’t sugarcoat anything. And why should he? The team just went 1-11 this season and 5-19 the past two seasons. It’s imperative that he come in and let everyone know that the way they’ve been doing things isn’t going to work with him.

Sanders even told his new players that if they don’t want to conform to jump in the portal because ‘he’s comin.’

“We got a few positions already taken care of, but I’m bringing my luggage with me — and it’s Louis Vuitton. OK, it’s gonna be no more of the mess that these fans, the student body, and some of your parents have to put up with … for probably two decades now. I’m comin’, and when I get here it’s gonna be changed. So I want y’all to get ready, to go ahead and jump in that portal, and do whatever …”

Coach Prime couldn’t have been more straightforward. The tone for transformative success is set. Either you shape up or be shipped out.

Sanders Will Change The Team Spirit

With the transfer portal hot as fish grease, getting players to replace other players isn’t hard at all. Sanders’ motto of “I ain’t hard to find” in regard to players wanting to join him says it all. 

He also told the team he sees a group that doesn’t believe in their potential greatness. 

“I have a problem when young men, with everything in front of them, who don’t believe,” Prime said. “That’s a problem.”

“It’s a spirit around this team, around this school that is not traditional and in some new way you guys have accepted it and you’ve begun to be complacent with it.”

Based on Coach Prime’s opening address to the Buffaloes, Mott isn’t the last player who’ll have his scholarship rescinded. The weeding out process in Boulder has begun, and they’ll be many more to come. It’s Prime Time in Boulder, and nobody is safe.