Colin Kaepernick to Fly Food and Water to Somalia

Right about now there seems to be a whole bunch of people worried about what's going to happen with Colin Kaepernick's football career.

Right about now there seems to be a whole bunch of people worried about what’s going to happen with Colin Kaepernick’s football career. Though he is the one with the most to lose, he doesn’t seem to be phased by an NFL- wide freeze out for his services due to his season-long protest with the San Francisco 49ers.

For those that thought it was a publicity stunt of some twisted sort, and who frowned upon his sincerity, here is yet another example of Kaepernick’s altruistic intentions.

Earlier in the week, he took to social media to convince Turkish Airlines to let a group use a plan to fly food, water and other items to Somalia, which is stricken with famine. Millions face death. Today he announced the airline relented and will provide a 60-ton cargo plane.

Kaep’s efforts are in conjunction with a group called Love Army for Somalia. They set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to purchase the necessities. Comic actor Ben Stiller attached his non-profit foundation to the cause to receive and manage the funds.

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If you are interested in helping, you can head over to the page and offer up support.

Colin Kaepernick might never be an NFL star again, but it is quite possible that his true destiny lies off the field. Besides, Keap doesn’t look worried about it. Why should we be? His destiny is his destiny, and for better or worse, we get to see it all go down.

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