Clippers and Rockets Would Be A Must Watch Playoff Matchup

If the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin breakup is going to be like this, then I hope the current Western Conference seeding holds true throughout the season and the Rockets and Clippers meet in the playoffs. 

If youre tired of that friendly, minimal-contact, respectful, gentleman brand of NBA ball that weve been experiencing the past few years, then LAs 113-102 win over Houston on MLK night showed us that a Rockets-Clippers playoff matchup will be intense, chippy, petty, potent and reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s hoops. Lots of elbows, foul language and flagrant fouls. MLK himself probably wouldn’t be able to talk these brothers into a peace accord.  

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This sums up the Rockets – Clippers postgame.

Blake Griffin was jawing and cheap-shotting with Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza and even Austin Rivers, who was in street clothes on the bench. The game was hotly-contested and the disdain between Griffin and his former Clippers wingman was evident. So much so that after the game, Paul and his contingent of Houston hitters attempted to enter the Clippers locker room. 

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Rockets players were clamoring for Blake Griffin too, league sources said. Chris Paul also entered with other Rockers players through a backstory that connects team dressing rooms.

Apparently, they werent allowed in so they tried to take a secret tunnel leading to the locker room that Chris Paul knew about. 

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Sources: As the four Rockets marched through the back hallway into the Clippers locker room, center Clint Capela knocked on the front door of Clippers entrance. Someone opened door, saw him standing there — and shut it on him.

What they were going to do if they got in the locker room was beyond me. According to ESPNs NBA guru Wojo, one witness called it Classic NBA. 

Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

Classic NBA,” one witness said. “None of these guys were going to fight.” My ESPN story on the Rockets barging into the Clippers locker room at Staples Center.

Id tend to agree, and any playoff battle between these guys would be a ratings bonanza. They were on some New York Knicks-Miami Heat flow, without the all out brawls…but we’ve got time for that once the regular season ends, the animosity simmers, social media works its magic and the stakes increase. 

It was good to see guys being so competitive and unfriendly. It brought us back to a time when winning was the bottom line and even if the opponent’s considered a friend or former ally off the court,  between the lines there’s an entirely different set of rules. People pay to see that kind of passion. Its good for the league and will be great for the fans and Twittersphere come playoff time. 

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