Cleveland Cavs’ Clarkson Has Some Weird Thoughts About Dinosaurs

Jordan Clarkson had a solid game in helping the Cavs defeat Milwaukee on Monday night. His basketball IQ was on point as he scored 17 points in just 28 minutes of action. Very efficient. Entering the game, he was averaging 18.7 ppg in his last three games. Unfortunately, his basic knowledge of humans and the earths history isnt on par with his hoop skills.  

The former Los Angeles Laker appeared on the Road Trippin’: Richard vs Channing podcast with teammate Larry Nance Jr. and said he believes people used to have dinosaurs as pets. Not only did the people have dinosaurs as pets, but the people were also apparently much bigger than them.


The youth movement in Cleveland is in full force, as @JordanClarksons and @Larrydn22 join a NEW @RoadTrippinPod to speak on everything @cavs:

“Clarkson: ‘Y’all know how we got dogs and stuff right? So, I think it was bigger people in the world before us, and the dinosaurs was they pets.’

“DJ Montage: ‘How big were these people?’

“Clarkson: ‘Oh, you look at a dinosaur. They got to be three times bigger than them.'”

So yeah. There’s that. Maybe Clarkson was joking. One would hope so because you’d think that somewhere along the line, in junior high school, high school, college or throughout the endless stream of information the internet provides, Clarkson would have learned that dinosaurs died out nearly 65 million years before people appeared on Earth

I mean, Tulsa and Missouri are accredited universities with solid academic programs and he did three years of college at the two schools. Clarksons comments are comparable to Kyrie Irvings suggestion that the earth is flat or Michael Beasleys segment with Taylor Rooks about how much of the human brain we actually utilize.

Taylor Rooks on Twitter

From Michael Beasley podcast…we debated & disagreed about this (& much more) for at least 15 min. WHO IS RIGHT?

Either way, its clear that NBA players have a tendency to think outside of the box  and we need to give credit to Clarkson for expressing himself. We think. 

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