Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Rumble In The Parking Lot

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a big fight late Sunday night. The altercation happened outside of Westlake Studios in Los Angeles and according to reports from TMZ was over a parking space.

Ocean took to twitter and blamed Brown for starting the fight.



But according to a TMZ source it was actually Ocean who brought the beef to Brown.

"…As Brown was exiting the complex Ocean and his pals blocked the exit. The source claimed Ocean said, 'This is my studio, this is my parking spot.' When Brown went to shake Ocean's hand, one of Ocean's crew allegedly attacked Breezy and a fight broke out, ending with Frank and Chris getting into it."

The two singers have had issues before going back to a 2011 Twitter disagreement.  This is all way too crazy to be over a parking space. I’m curious to see what really caused the drama. Nobody seems to want to press charges but I'm sure we'll get a classic Chris Brown Twitter meltdown in the next few days. 

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