Chip Kelly playing with fire?

It has been reported that the Eagles have brought in Tim Tebow for a workout. Now this is all still ongoing but can you imagine the backlash by Philly fans if Chip Kelly chose Tim Tebow to lead the receiver-less Eagles into the regular season?

This also speaks volumes on how the team views Sam Bradford who still has not recovered from an ACL tear. Tebow has been working with Tom Bradys personal quarterback coach, who says Tebow has shown drastic improvement in his footwork. This would not be such a huge issue if the Eagles had not traded for Bradford in the first place.

Kelly paid Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray close to $35 million in the same day. The Eagles have only addressed the holes that Kelly has created for them. As intriguing as this is, it does nothing to calm the furious fans of Philadelphia. One thing that did spur on some hope was the acquisition of former Cowboy DeMarco Murray, not only does this move hurt a rival but provides a replacement for LeSean McCoy. Now it appears they are shopping key members of their offensive line, for what? The sports world waits with baited breath.