Chip Kelly Doesn’t Have A Starting Quarterback In Philly Yet

First year Eagles head coach hasn't committed to a specific quarterback in Philly yet, and even says it would be unfair to make a decision this soon without having evaluated either Nick Foles, Matt Barkley or Michael Vick in certain situations that only training camp will provide before the season begins. 

This would probably be a less ridiculous quarterback controversy if the Eagles' options at QB besides Vick weren't Foles and Barkley. But you couldn't convince anyone for a second that Kelly hasn't seen enough of these guys to know Vick has to be his best option for the type of offense he wants to run. 

If this is really some kind of hang-up for Kelly and he's just not posing for the media and trying to be fair to everyone in his first season, then it could say something about Vick that a lot of his fans might not be willing to accept yet – that the Monday Night Footbal performance against the Redskins three years goes down as one of the sickest comeback features we'll live to tell about. 

And it might have to be enough. 

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