Cheers To The Bad Guy: Why 50 Cent’s Power Is Deeper Than Rap

Salute to the bad guy. The renegades that look at the powers that be and laugh in their face while changing the culture to their benefit. 

From the outset the man born Curtis Jackson in Southside Jamaica, Queens was born a rebel and the pain that birthed his prominence has been documented in music, films, and is an example of how one can take struggle and translate it into paper.  

Power | The Journey of Kanan | STARZ

Kanan, played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, taught Ghost and Tommy everything they know. Now, he’s coming back to teach them a new lesson.

With the start of the fifth season of POWER on the Starz network, Jackson’s character, the series’ villain, Canaan has cemented himself as the new bad guy. During the tapings Fif even found a way to sneak in his viral catchphrase, “get the strap” into this season, leveraging his social media brand directly into his own show.

This is tame compared to the blitzkrieg of appearances Jackson made with Floyd “Money” Mayweather during the early 24/7 pre-fight build-up visual segments on HBO. The jovial but toxically cantankerous relationship between the two was on full display as Jackson began to verbally gorilla pimp into the fight game. That eventually yielded SMS Promotions and its first signees Yuriyorkis Gamboa and James Kirkland after an unsuccessful bid to wrest Mayweather from the house that Al Haymon built.

However, just like his music interests have seemingly waned from lack of love from the fans, Fiddy took an ‘L’ in the boxing game. He’s not alone with Jay-Z also taking a similar loss with the retirement of Andre Ward and the release of Dusty Hernandez-Harrison. But neither took epic losses like Gamboa did to Terence Crawford in Omaha, Nebraska and James Kirkland did in his native Texas against Canelo Alvarez.

50 Cent Talks With King Mo & Bet On The Fight Against Bader

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As usual, although ’50’ rebounded closing up the SMS shop he’s now taking a keen interest in the equally as renegade mixed martial arts business. During the pre-promotion for Bellator 199, Jackson sat down with Bellator CEO Scott Coker and the internet went crazy with what they could’ve been discussing. Then Jackson began to incubate the hype of Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal who was fighting Ryan Bader during the main event of the fight. 

Lawal weirdly was knocked out within the first 15 seconds of the first round of that fight and although Jackson bet some money on Lawal and lost, it is still apparent that Jackson sees the power of combat and is not giving up on it.

50 Cent is the ultimate rebel with a cause, to disrupt your normalcy and we love him all the more for it. Cheers to 50!  



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