Check Out The New Jeezy Single Featuring Jay Z, “Seen it All”

Every time Jay Z is slated to appear on a track the entire digital universe turns on its ear.  With the new release of Jeezy’s “Seen It All” featuring Jay Z, the hip hop world has been on fire with the incessant buzz for days prior to it dropping.  

“Seen It All” isn’t just the lead single from the upcoming set, but the title single as well.  As the almost Aquarian sounding track initially begins throbbing through the headphones, the listener doesn’t quite know what to expect.  After all, Jeezy’s beats aren’t exactly the most creative these ears have ever heard. And this track was different. Though the cadence is undeniably Jeezy, the lyrics are the same old same.  Bricks, snow, plastic bags, jail, strip clubs, blah, blah, blah.  Just when one thinks Jay Z has outgrown such lyrical drivel, he appears on a track alongside an artist who he outpaces and outclasses. But Jay's lyrics on “Seen It All” aren’t the very best to ever spill from the mouth of Sean Carter either.  Check out the single below and see for yourself. 

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