Charlie Sheen Pitching Major League III

Charlie Sheens grand comeback will come in the third installment of the movie Major League. Sheen played a hard-throwing but wild hurler named Ricky Vaughn in the 1989 sports cult-classic. 

According to TMZ, Sheen is on his hustle, informing TMZ Sports that he’s got the entire cast back on board for “Major League III” … and is just waiting for a financier.

He also says they’ve got a dynamite script, and a director, claiming the only thing missing is the cheddar, which can pose quite a problem to the completion of the project.

The first Major League was an all-time classic. A young Wesley Snipes did his thing in the original as speedy, soft-hitting Willie Mays Hayes.

The second movie was funny and now is the perfect time for the third to come out, as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters would flock to grab piece of sports culture and relive a worthy movie experience as Major League ranks fourth on FOX’s  20 Greatest Sports Movies Of All Time released in 2016.  

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