BSO CEO Robert Littal Accused of Sexually Harrassing, Exploiting, Female Employees

Black Sports Online CEO Robert Littal was the recent subject of accusations by former female employees who say he encouraged and led a culture of misogyny, sexual inappropriateness, discrimination and used his power to constantly make unwanted sexual advances towards his predominantly female staff of writers, all the while not paying these aspiring journalists a penny for thousands of stories contributed to his company.  

According to the witnesses, who all came out one by one to tell their #SurvivingBSO stories, Littal would remove their names from the stories they had produced for the site after they turned down his advances and left the company so that they didn’t have any stories to show other prospective employers. He would also use his position in the industry to execute smear campaigns against anyone who left the company. 

The women, all aspiring journalists, say they initially refused to speak on their horrible experiences at BSO in fear of retaliation by Littal and how that might affect their careers.

Former college track athlete turned sports journalist Sheena Quick dropped the initial bomb on Black media on Saturday when she courageously stepped out and revealed her experiences working at BSO —  with plenty of receipts to back up her claims. 


Tamantha Gunn, a news editor for Revolt magazine also came out in length, about her uncomfortable experiences working at BSO. 

She also posted a story from an anonymous former employee who had similar experiences as the other women  working at BSO 


Littal’s supposedly offensive treatment of his female employees also created an environment where the few male writers he employed felt comfortable saying offensive, vulgar and inappropriate things to female employees on Groupme chains that were for working purposes.


You can read the rest of Tamantha’s Tweets on her Twitter. 

Littal, who has worked his way up to Co-Host of TMZ, addressed the accusations in a Live post.

Other employees are now stepping forward to support these claims and share similar experiences.

On the other hand, a few women have stepped up to defend him.


So these accusations (outside of the texts that he apologized for) are not written in stone and we hope it doesn’t get any worse than this.

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