Charles Barkley says Steph Curry is “just a great shooter”

We had to read the comments three times to make sure we weren’t bugging out.

But it’s exactly what we read and wrote above. Charles Barkley really did say that Steph Curry is “just a great shooter.”

In an interview with Dime magazine, Barkley took a “shot” (no pun intended) at the league’s star:

DIME: We saw in the early 2000s with Shaquille O’Neal that it was obvious that he was going to score just with his sheer power, size, and skill. It was kind of the same with you in the early 1990s, too. Does Steph compare to that at all? That feeling of inevitability you guys provided at your peak?

Charles Barkley: He’s just a great shooter. It’s a totally different animal.

DIME: But he’s more than a shooter, right? Because he’s

Barkley: No. He’s not more than a shooter. He’s just a great shooter.

DIME: So, he’s not an incredible playmaker? Doesn’t make the game easier on his teammates? Stuff like that?

Barkley: I wouldn’t say that. But he’s not a great playmaker. He’s just a great shooter.

Hold up. Did he really say that? It’s correct if you take out the word “just”, but to classify him as simply just a great shooter, Barkely is doing Steph a major injustice, not to mention saying something so inaccurate that our necks hurt from having to go back and re-read it multiple times.

Steph is great playmaker AS WELL AS a great shooter. He’s averaging 6.6 assists, is the main focal point of both his team and opposing defenses and his handle is ridiculous, making a fool out of many a player on a nightly basis. Ask the Clippers about their ankles:

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