Charles Barkley Says NBA Players “Have Zero Loyalty”

Charles Barkley isnt feeling the new trend of players forcing their way out of cities to go team up with their homies and chase rings. The NBA TNT analyst was very vocal about his disdain for the current trend. As a guest on Mike & Mike, Barkley ripped todays players during a discussion about the Magic Johnson tampering charges and says they have sold their soul and competitive spirit for money. 

We dont mind you guys making making 30, 40, $50 million dollars, but yall (players) have ZERO loyalty to your city. Yall just want to go and play on a Super Team, Barkley said…”At some point the fans are going to say, OK…you guys don’t have any loyalty, then we don’t have any loyalty.”

Charles Barkley says he would be surprised if Magic-Lakers found guilty | Mike & Mike | ESPN

Charles Barkley doesn’t expect to see anything come of the NBA’s probe into Lakers’ Magic Johnson’s alleged Paul George tampering.

The old NBA is definitely dead. Its a new day and players hold more of the power than ever. Barkley may not like it, but playing free agent chess, forcing trades and opt-outs to play with friends and chasing rings is the wave of the future. Stop hating on the game.   

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