CBS Is Throwing The Bag At Tony Romo

NFL analyst Tony Romo has quickly risen to the top of his craft and CBS wants to lock him down long-term. 

Not sure if any analyst in the world is worth $4 million dollars to call NFL football games, but Tony Romo is about to secure an even bigger bag with CBS to continue broadcasting games for them in his insightful, unique and almost prophet-like fashion.

With Romo’s worth soaring following his lauded booth performance during these NFL playoffs, other networks will start formulating packages to put a full court press on him.

His brand as an analyst is hotter than fish grease right now because of calls like this one:

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Oh, they’re killing it. Usually means a motion and a run out wide to the right.” – Tony Romo before Patriots’ play Brady motions; Sony Michel runs ball to right, scores touchdown.


When John Madden was at the top of his game, he was hustling his brand and getting paid from ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

CBS wants to make sure Romo doesn’t spread his services around. It has the right to match any offer he receives should he reach the end of his current contract.

According to The New York Post, the network “is prepared to give Romo a substantial raise.” The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has one year left on his deal with CBS and earns around $4 million annually.

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It’s the highest level of drama in front of the whole world.” Tony Romo plans to talk about stifling pressure the Super Bowl puts on the spouses, family and friends of players during his first Super Bowl broadcast:


CBS decided to anoint Romo as its lead analyst following his retirement from the NFL. While most industry suits thought it was a Russian Roulette move, his personality and insight quickly won over media and fans from the first time we interviewed him at NFL’s CBS Media Day in 2017.

With the proliferation of analysts and commentators and the huge teams of different announcers that are partnered together for pre and post-game shows, along with the standard game coverage, finding a true star in the game has become more difficult.

CBS has touted Romo as that next superstar analyst. He’s the future. A guy whose insight into the game and familiarity with new age formations and tendencies makes him a transcending figure in the booth.

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Tony Romo’s trying to call signings before they happen now too ?


Which just adds to his already insane popularity. Romo’s been a celebrity on and off the field ever since his days with the Cowboys, dating superstar women like Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood and 2008 Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford.

Romo may have fallen short of a Super Bowl ring or place among the icons, but his legend as a former Dallas Cowboys QB remains marketable all the same.

He’s on his way to becoming a Super Bowl quality announcer getting paid like an NFL QB, but without the risk

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