Tony Romo Says Kaepernick Has Too Much Star Power For A Backup

Tony Romo was one of the charismatic faces of the NFL and a captivating star when he played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 2006 until his retirement this offseason. With his playing days behind him, Romo has entered the world of sports journalism and  joins NFL On CBS as the lead game analyst. Since the early 1960s there have only been four other NFL On CBS lead game analysts: Phil Simms (1998-2016), John Madden (1982-93), Tom Brookshier (1975-81) and Pat Summerall (1962-74).

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The inside story on how Tony Romo went from the #Cowboys to CBS analyst. | @bhorn55

The Shadow League attended CBS’ NFL media day for the company’s family of announcers at Studio 19 in Manhattan on Wednesday and Romo was in attendance and speaking to reporters on a variety of issues. 

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The scrum around Tony Romo.

Surrounded by a crop of legendary reporters and broadcasters such as Jim Nantz, Gary Meyers, Bob Raisman and Neil Best, I asked the four-time Pro Bowl QB and a guy who always represented the Cowboys with dignity and whose presence commands the attention of the room, what he thinks of Ezekiel Elliotts six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s code of conduct (appeal pending), despite the fact that Elliot hasnt been convicted of a crime. 

“First off, I dont condone domestic violence in any way. I think that we all agree on that,” Romo told The Shadow League. “Like everything, theres a lot of differing opinions on it but without knowing all of the facts in that case, unless youre privy to all the information…You just don’t know how it’s going to play out. Harold Henderson is handling that now and itll be interesting to see how he comes to a decision. Like everything, there’s always a lot of differing opinions on it, but without the facts of the case I dont know what the outcome should be.”

For a guy that is 100 percent pro Cowboy, its obvious that Romo has already switched into his politically correct, corporate analyst suit with that response. You know he bleeds Cowboys colors and he probably has a more elaborate opinion on Elliott, but he chose to tow the company line. 

I then asked Romo his feelings on the way NFL owners are handling the Colin Kaepernick protest based on Aaron Rodgers comments that Kaepernick isnt playing in the NFL because he kneeled for the national anthem. 

I asked Romo if it was fair for a guy to be denied work because of his beliefs. He kept it 100 with his stance on that situation and pretty consistent with what he said back in July concerning Kaepernick’s unemployment. 

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Earlier, @TonyRomo spoke on Kaepernick: says there is ‘no question’ that Kap is good enough to be on NFL roster and thinks he will get a job

Fair or not, its reality,” Romo told TSL. “I think you find that Colin Kaepernick is undoubtedly good enough to be on a roster. I also think that, the world that the NFL is… if an owner or GM felt (Kaepernick) could bring them a championship hed be on their roster right now. In saying that, he could help football teams, but there’s risk reward for each one of these coaches and general managers when they asses him. For a backup, they dont really want a back up to be a distraction in any capacity. If anything, They want you to be there and not heard and help the starter. If you do something that causes people to talk about, like he did, then you put yourself in a position to be evaluated slightly differently.”

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