Cavs trade Miller, Haywood for cap space

The Cleveland Cavaliers have traded away archaic big-man Brendan Haywood and veteran marksman Mike Miller, along with two future second round draft picks, to the Portland Trailblazers.

Although the Cavs don’t receive any players or future picks from the deal, the trade does benefit them as they will be gaining $10.5 and a $2.94 million trade exceptions for each respective player from the transaction. The Cavs have been shopping Haywood’s contract around the league for a few weeks in the hope of attracting a trade but no team has taken the bait.

The move also clears up space for the Cavs’ bench, giving up experience in hopes of adding talent and depth to the roster. Miller, 35, averaged only 2.1 points in about 13 minutes per game and will be entering his 16th season.

Haywood, also 35 years old, only played 22 regular season games (starting only one of them) all year averaged just under 2 points and 1.3 boards in 5 minutes per game this past season with the Cavs.

Not only will Cleveland clear up space on the pinewood, they’ll also clear up salary and tax space, approximately $10 million dollars.

The Trailblazers will more than likely waive Haywood since he has a $10.5 million non guaranteed deal but they will think about the next steps for Miller who can add some much needed experience to the vacated Portland team that is in need of serious guidance right now.

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