Carson Wentz Hands Off To Nick Foles Again

Wentz’ fractured vertebrae leaves the team’s playoff hopes in Foles’ hands for the second year in a row. 

With the Eagles’ season hanging in the balance, Nick Foles has been thrust into a familiar position, replacing injured Eagles starter Carson Wentz who is scheduled to miss at least Sunday’s game against the Rams with a fractured vertebrae that doctors say can get much worse if he plays. 

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OUT!!!!!! What does that mean for the Eagles will they miss the playoffs?

Whether or not Wentz plays again this season is largely based on the outcome of this weekend’s game. If Philly loses this weekend, the defending champs are basically eliminated from playoff contention and there’s no point in letting Wentz take the field with a jacked up back. 

Wentz and Philly tried to tell everyone it was back spasms that were keeping him from starting, but it was refuted by a doctor before the true extent of the injury was reported. 

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Dr. David J. Chao, (@ProFootballDoc,) former NFL team doctor for 17 years, isn’t buying the reports that #Eagles QB Carson Wentz’s “back spasms” are keeping him out Sunday. He also speculates that there may be more parts to this injury story. Thoughts?

While Philly awaits further testing and tries to determine if and when Wentz will return, the fate of the franchise once again falls in the hands of Foles. Foles took over for an injured Wentz late in the season in 2017 and led the Eagles to a dramatic win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII for the franchise ’s first Super Bowl title. Foles played like Joe Montana and won the SB MVP.

He earned the confidence of his teammates a long time ago, so it’s just business as usual for Philly. 

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There probably won’t be any miracle Super Bowl runs for Foles this season. Improbable triumphs like Foles’ don’t usually occur twice in one career, Besides, this Eagles team isn’t as strong as last year’s. The season has been a roller coaster ride, with the team struggling to stay above .500.

Wentz’s back problems going forward is another concern for Philly. He’s a franchise quarterback that seems to be developing a reputation of being injury prone. Lingering back issues isn’t the type of ailment that just goes away.

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@DZangaroNBCS still expects Carson Wentz to be a great player. Let’s just get that out there to start this off. But durability is proving to be a concern with Wentz as contract talks loom.

So the difference between the Eagles possibly putting Wentz back on the field and packing it in is Foles. Can lightning strike twice in Philly?  If Foles went on another miracle run,  it would be time to make a movie. 

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