Carmelo’s Big Drip: Former NY Knicks Star Drops 26 Points In MSG Return

If you didn’t know Carmelo Anthony was going to be motivated to stick it to the NY Knicks last night then you haven’t been paying attention to the juicy headlines. The Melo man returned to MSG as a key member of the Portland Trailblazers, averaging 16.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and shooting over 40 percent from three-point land in 20 games.  

Melo is helping the Trailblazers —  currently one spot out of the final Western Conference playoff slot — scratch back into the playoff hunt and he saved his best performance of the season for Knicks fans (26 points, 7 boards). 

It was his biggest scoring output since returning to the NBA in November. Unfortunately it happened in a 117-93 loss, but it had to be somewhat emotional for Melo and the fans, some of whom held up banners expressing appreciation for the former Knicks star. 

It was also further personal vindication for Melo who parted ways with the Knicks and bounced from OKC to Houston and then right out of the league. Nobody was messing with him. Haters foolishly suggested his game was predicated on ISO and he was a dinosaur in a new, three-slinging league.   

After last night, people are talking about the Knicks retiring his jersey. You see how times change?

Melo got his opportunity with Portland and he’s taking full advantage of it. At the very least, he’s proving that he was more being blackballed than lacking the skills to pay the bills. Who knows why? What we do know is that Melo is still a viable weapon who could seriously help a contending team down the stretch. Don’t think Portland is his last stop. He’s an official rogue scorer. A bounty hunter for anybody looking for buckets.

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