Cano’s Return Will Give Seattle A Much Needed Boost

Robinson Cano returned to MLB on August 14th after finishing his 80-game suspension for violating Major League Baseballs joint drug agreement. 

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Robinson Cano has been suspended 80 games for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. First reported by @hgomez27.

We cant predict how Canos suspension will hurt what was a sure shot, 14-year Hall of Fame legacy, but his return comes at the perfect time for Seattle, a franchise desperate for a postseason appearance. 

I would say Ill leave that to the writers and you guys and fans, Cano said back in July. in reference to his suspension. We all make mistakes.

And one thing Ill say right now is its not about thinking about my legacy. Im planning on playing for a long time and being in this game I love. I would say when the time comes and its time for me to hang my shoes and retire, thats when I might think about that. But right now my focus is just to prepare myself to be strong when I get back.

If Cano does push Seattle to the playoffs, hed be helping the franchise shed some pretty embarrassing recent history. With the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs in 2017, Seattle owns the longest postseason drought in the four professional sports. The Mariners have not made the playoffs since the 2001 season where they won a MLB record 116 games and then went on to lose to the Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

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With the Bills in the playoffs, the new owner of the longest playoff drought in American pro sports is now the Seattle Mariners (16 seasons).

During that stretch, they have finished over .500 just six times. Helping the Mariners get back into the winner’s circle would certainly have a positive effect on Cano’s image

The 35-year-old was placed on the disabled list May 14, the day after he sustained a broken hand when he was hit by a pitch in Detroit. He was suspended the next day for a positive test of the drug diuretic furosemide, which has been known to be used as a masking agent by track athletes.

Cano was reinstated from the restricted list last Tuesday. Since his return, Cano is batting .317 (13-41) so he hasnt missed a beat with the bat and with the Seattle Mariners just 4.5 games behind Oakland and Houston for the second AL Wild Card spot and just 35 games left to make up the deficit, Canos skills, leadership and championship experience will help Seattle stay in the mix until they make a power move or are mathematically eliminated.

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Cano, gone. A 3-run HR to give the M’s the W. (@MLB)

The Mariners survived Cano’s suspension and stayed highly competitive,  but one cant help but think what kind of position they would be in if Captain Cano didnt crash and burn so early in the season. 

We all make mistakes, Cano said back in July.  We can judge anybody, but we dont know the situation that person is going through as a person. I get it a lot of people might judge me. I get it. The fans and anybody else can say what they think if they choose to. But at the same time, like I told the guys when I met with them, I dont want any of them to go through that situation.

Cano is the latest iconic player to have his career compromised by using or being accused of using PEDs. Like most of the iconic players caught up in PED scandals, Cano still has the respect of the clubhouse. The Latin Lord was certainly missed at the All-Star Game. It was only the second time in nine years that he didnt participate.The verdict is out, however, on how the BBWAA will receive Cano and his 306 homers, which ranks him second all-time for second baseman behind Jeff Kent. 

In any event, it’s good to see him back on the diamond, helping Seattle try to salvage what could have been a very promising season. 

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