Canelo Alvarez’s Uppercut Ends Alfredo Angulo Bout

This past Saturday, Canelo (Spanish for cinnamon; ascribed due to his red hair) Alvarez entered the ring in his first attempt to erase his loss against Floyd Mayweather from the minds of his fans.

The win was achieved as referee Tony Weeks stopped the fight 47 seconds into the 10th round when Alvarez executed a stellar uppercut.

What followed mirrored how the engagement began, a succession of boos towards the dominant winner, Alvarez. Since the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight, Alvarez has had to contend with the disappointment of his performance by his fans.

It was visible upon his entrance to the ring where a coterie of boos rained on him and his team. With the fight ending so abruptly at the start of the tenth round only added fuel to the flame of a crowd that wanted a definitive finish.

Fans were so angered that they threw beer and trash in the ring. Angulo had no chance of winning the fight off the cards as he only won the 8th round, however, fans were not pleased with the stoppage and let the world know it.

Landing 295 punches of 513 punches thrown, Alvarez displayed brilliance in a dominant performance. It began with an initial left hook that became one of many exhibiting Angulo’s steel chin.

Angulo’s Head Trainer, Virgil Hunter wasn’t pleased at the stoppage. Hunter told Referee Weeks that if Canelo landed a combination he personally would stop the fight. The fact the uppercut, which sent Angulo’s head flying, wasn’t part of a combination upset Hunter.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez advances to 43-1-1 after this victory and Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo falls to 22-4.

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