Can Ezekiel Elliott Beat The Heat?

Every offseason and preseason there are a slew of players who are crushed by the disciplinarian hammer of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  

It would seem that explosive Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been getting away with shenanigans and foolishness ever since he was at Ohio State, and though he has been linked to exposing a woman’s breast at a parade and a bar fight in Dallas, it is an alleged incident of domestic violence committed against his then college sweetheart that has put Zeke under the NFL microscope for over a year.  

Cris Carter On If The NFL Should Suspend Ezekiel Elliott! |Undisputed|

Cris Carter On If The NFL Should Suspend Ezekiel Elliott! |Undisputed|

 Considering the stench that Greg Hardy and Ray Rice have left on the league for their inability to control themselves during heated confrontations with their significant others, it seemed like the NFL was dragging their feet when it came to Zeke.  

The incident occurred while Elliott was in college and he was not charged with a crime, but the NFL’s tougher stance on domestic violence means he can be punished for something that happened prior to him being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Under terms of NFL personal conduct policy, Ezekiel Elliott could be facing potential 6-game suspension for allegation of physical violence.

 According to numerous media outlets, a suspension is imminent.  Should he be suspended, former player and current talking head Chris Carter believes he will face a four-game suspension similar to what QB Tom Brady had to serve for Deflategate.   

Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards last year and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year.  

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