“But If Anyone Can Get This And Do This, It Is Bill Belichick” | Former Patriots Star Julian Edelman Says Belichick Doesn’t Care What People Say About Him Having No Named Coordinators

The New England Patriots are entering uncharted waters, as this is their first season since 2012 where they won’t have Tom Brady or offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Brady left via free agency in 2020, and McDaniels is his second chance as a head coach with the Las Vegas Raiders. McDaniels failed miserably in his first stint as a head coach when he led the Denver Broncos from 2009-10. With both of those franchise stalwarts who were there for every single one of the team’s nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl wins now gone, things are looking really awkward on the offensive side of the football in Foxboro.

What makes it strange is head coach Bill Belichick decided against hiring an offensive coordinator for this season. Instead he’s opted to have his former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and his former special teams coordinator Joe Judge handle the offense. Both have returned to New England after failed head coach stints with the Lions and Giants. But is that a smart move? In 2010 Belichick decided against having coordinators, and the team went 14-2, but, again, that was with Tom Brady. This team has promising second-year starter Mac Jones, but he’s no Brady.

In a recent interview Former Patriots player and SB 53 MVP Julian Edelman talked about how Belichick handles things.

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Edelman Says the BB Motto Is Screw These People:

“I think this has kind of fired him up, probably. This is a new challenge for Coach Belichick. He’s a competitor. He’s probably sitting, like, F everyone for talking about this. Screw these people. They don’t know what they are.”

“You know how Bill is when he gets in that auditorium. No one knows anything but the men in the room. And that’s what they’re gonna go with.”


Edelman continued, “This is a little alarming when you hear a defensive coach is going to be calling plays or special teams coordinator, head coaches calling plays. That’s a little alarming, but if anyone can get this and do this it’s Bill Belichick.”

Based on the release of the coaching staff, Belichick has no OC/DC by title, the same exact thing he did in 2010.

This Could Stunt Mac Jones’ Growth:

The biggest takeaway from this development could be second-year quarterback Mac Jones, who in his rookie season led the Patriots to a (10-7) record and a playoff berth. He led all rookies with 22 touchdown passes, but that wasn’t under the tutelage of the proven offensive mastermind McDaniels. He’s now taking play calls from two guys who aren’t nearly as abreast of or comfortable in that role.

This could have an adverse effect on Jones, as who does he turn to when things aren’t going well?

Something says Belichick hasn’t thought about that, and if preseason was any indication this may not end well. But it’s BB, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

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