Move Over Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima! Master P Got The Replacement Hook Up

A.G. Gaston once said, “Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.” Wise words from a man who at one point in the 1960s, according to, was probably the richest Black man in America. There is a reason why he, a man born in a log cabin in Alabama in 1892, is studied as a businessman. He knew how to make money even as an African American in America’s Jim Crowed South.

Master P has that same southern hustle.

Recently, the market rejected popular brands like Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima for perpetuating racist stereotypes in their packaging. Almost a part of American commercial culture, the two principals for the brands are both Blacks domestics from an era that limited opportunities to only roles of servitude.

Percy Miller, the birth name of the New Orleans rapper, through his food empire is aiming to fill the gap that was left by the shutting down of those two iconic brands.

He has introduced a line of Black-owned products with his face on the packaging to compete for that market: Uncle P’s Original Syrup, Uncle P’s Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix, and Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned Rice.

According to, consumers can cop their own Uncle P’s products in grocery stores in Texas and Louisiana. The No Limit solider hopes to distribute these products across the nation and getting them in as many shelves as possible.

“When you look at Aunt Jemima, and you look at Uncle Ben, we don’t own those products, we never did,” Master P told Yahoo Finance. “We need to understand that we’re not going to be able to put money back in our [black] community because we don’t own those brands. Our grandparents [have] been having us buy those products because they think it’s people that look like us.”

An infomercial was dropped on social media about his career’s journey and a new venture into the food and beverage industry.

The caption says, “To change the narrative it starts with education and ownership. Why not buy from us, when we are going to buy these products anyway. I’m using the same blueprint that I used in the music business to take over the food industry with Uncle P’s Rice, Uncle P’s Grits, Uncle P’s Oatmeal, Uncle P’s Pancake Mix & Uncle P’s Syrup. We’re flooding the grocery stores with great tasting quality products owned by us. Creating diversity and opportunity in the market’s share while a percentage goes back into our communities. Our motto is ‘the more we make, the more we give.’ Uncle P’s Rice Company is opening the doors for real minority-owned brands in the food business. Join the movement. #GodisGood #WeAllWeGot @askfly1

Rice and breakfast foods are not his first food products available to the public. He currently owns, Rap Snacks, Ramen Noodle Seasoning, and Rap Noodles.