Brother Of Aaron Hernandez Arrested On Charges Of Planning College Shootings

Aaron Hernandez’s brother was arrested on charges of attempting to plan school shootings at two separate colleges, the latest disturbing link to violence connected with the family.

Dennis John Hernandez, brother of deceased former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez, was arrested on July 19 in Connecticut and charged with threatening and breach of peace, per the Bristol Police Department arrest log.

DJ Hernandez Continues Violent Behavior

Hernandez, 37, is being held in a Connecticut jail on a $250,000 bond because he allegedly made plans to commit shootings at both Brown University and UConn. According to The Associated Press’ citation of the incident report, two women were extremely concerned about Hernandez’s “very erratic behavior”, also stating that he was “extremely sick and that his mental health is continuing to deteriorate.”

According to a woman who had been dating the former UConn Huskies wide receiver, she had let him borrow her car in order to make a court case that he had set for July 7. But instead of attending that court date, Hernandez went to UConn and Brown and went inside multiple classrooms and buildings according to multiple sources.

Hernandez, who has already had legal troubles after he was alleged to have thrown a brick at ESPN’s headquarters, is now facing even more trouble. Others have also claimed that he has gone to schools in order to map out his alleged shootings and claimed to have “a bullet for everyone,” according to sources.

All of this left the police to deem Hernandez as “gravely disabled and a danger to society” and sent officers to his home.

Once Hernandez’s house was surrounded he spoke to police on the phone and eventually came outside yelling at police to shoot him before he was subsequently tased and subdued. Once at the hospital, Hernandez was allegedly saying that he was still planning to kill and also kill anyone who was profiting off of his brother Aaron. 

After being booked at Bristol Police Department authorities reportedly were sent a message that Dennis sent to another family member. 

“UConn program is going to pay unless I have a package deal and I get my estate and every single thing I have worked for,” Hernandez allegedly wrote. He also issued a warning, according to the report, to stay “away from there because when I go I’m taking down everything And don’t give a [redacted] who gets caught in the crossfire.” Hernandez wrote.

His brother, Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder in 2015 before he committed suicide in prison in 2017.

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