Bronny James, Zaire Wade Just Made Prep Hoops More Interesting

Years after LeBron James and Dwyane Wade teamed up with the Miami Heat, their sons Bronny and Zaire will carry on the tradition at Sierra Canyon.  

King James and D Wade won two NBA titles together and forged a brotherhood that remains strong to this day. Now their sons are teaming up for one season at the high school level.  The verdict is still out on whether or not these guys are Super Team material, but that won’t stop the social media moshpit from dreaming and creating their own narrative.

Bronny looked good this spring as an 8th grader at the EYBL, but at this stage, he’s nowhere near his father in terms of size and overpowering athleticism. At 6-foot-2, and entering his freshman year, he’s considered a top prospect in his class though.

Zaire is entering his senior season and is a very good high school player, but there are close to 40 players rated higher than him in his class at his position. His only firm offer right now is from Nebraska. He’ll obviously get some more offers this summer, but he’s in no way a dominant one-and-done prospect at this point.

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Bronny James and Zaire Wade are reportedly teaming up at Sierra Canyon next season, per @tarek_fattal. ?

14-year-old LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. and his 11-year-old brother Bryce, attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California this school year. Zaire attended American Heritage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

James and his wife, Savannah, felt that Sierra Canyon would offer a better fit for basketball for their sons.

High school basketball just got more interesting. With Wade and Bron’s sons joining forces for a season, all eyes will be on Sierra Canyon. 

The impact of this union has endless possibilities.  Keeping it light, here are five impactful events we could experience during Bronny &  Zaire’s rock star, lifestyle high school season that they are sure to enjoy in Hollywood.


High School Hoops Returns To Prime Time

1. Similar to how LeBron James and ESPN changed the game by televising some of his high school games during his senior season, Sierra Canyon officials are probably already in talks with ESPN, Bleacher Report, FOX, Facebook and other major TV, cable and streaming outlets on a deal to air some of the school’s games to millions of fans.

LeBron’s ESPN exposure introduced his generational skills to the world and set the foundation for his legendary marketing rise to King of the NBA. We don’t know if the sons will be as prolific as their future HOF dads but the hype within AAU and high school community could be unprecedented.

LeBron James scores 31 points in 1st national TV game in high school | ESPN Archives

In his first nationally-televised game on December 12, 2002, LeBron James shows out with 31 points as No. 23 St. Vincent-St. Mary High School takes down No. 1 Oak Hill Academy 65-45.

2. The Bronny and Zaire show could get crazy.  LeBron is already a nutty basketball Dad. He’s very demonstrative during the games and he gets on the refs about calls. Wade gets kind of involved at times as well. 

The entire situation is a media conglomerate’s dream. There are so many storylines before you even get to covering the sons. You know, Bron and Wade will be at every game they can, so you have access to both basketball stars in a fatherly capacity.


Life Is Like A Movie

This hoops union is coming at an ideal time for everyone involved. The rise of reality shows and social media makes the exploitation of a situation like this acceptable and inevitable and profitable to somebody. 

Movies and specials and eventually films documenting the season are sure to come. Sierra Canyon is about to become rock star central. Every place the Trailblazers play and every town where they touch down in will attract packed houses and the energy will be through the roof. 

Eventually, these guys might have to travel with security. The spotlight will be on them and if Bronny James continues to go on profanity-laced tirades on IG, this second generation of social media zombies are gonna drive that thing through the roof.

I can see it now. After dropping 35 points on Calabasas, Bronny Jr. goes on IG and says: “I’m Rick James bitch!”

Zaire Wade Is Putting In WORK This Spring – Full Workout Highlights

Zaire Wade is a true student of the game. The son of D-Wade, Zaire is putting in work and paying his dues with hopes of one day reaching All-Star status just like his pops. Between EYBL sessions, Zaire gave BR Hoops access to his workout to give us an inside look at the grind.

LeBron Takes Over As Head Coach

With Sierra Canyon struggling at 4-6, and Bronny not getting enough playing time, James takes over as coach for Andre Chevalier. Chevalier has a strong track record and is coming off a championship while coaching the sons of former NBA players Scottie Pippen (Scotty Pippen Jr.) and Kenyon Martin (KJ Martin).  

Bron, however, feels that he was the best candidate to navigate the squad through the rest of the season. This adds more fuel and media interest and James even rearranges his Lakers commitments to be present for the games.

Bronny James WINS CHAMPIONSHIP w/ LeBron COACHING!!! Gabe Cupps Had LeBron Going CRAZY!!!!

Bronny James, Gabe Cupps and the North Coast Blue Chips are champions yet again as they got a little help from LeBron’s sideline caoching!! ————————————————————————————————- If You Love Our Content, You’ll Love Our Brand, Shop With us: ————————————————————————————————- Shop: —————————————— ——————————— Follow Us On Social!

Radio, TV and The Twittersphere go ballistic.  

A record number media showed up at Sierra Canyon for the press conference. They had to turn folks away.  I can see Bron at the presser saying something like:

“I felt like the previous coach wasn’t getting the most out of the talent. It was my duty to offer my coaching services to this situation so that not only our sons but their teammates get the best basketball experience possible.”

The Future Banana Boat Empire 

Not sure if Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez’s 12-year-old-son, Kiyan Anthony is going to join Banana Boat Crew: Next Generation in a couple of years, but he’s probably nicer than all of them and mos def has his Dad’s prodigious scoring abilities.

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Carmelo’s son Kiyan is a BUCKET ? (via @carmeloanthony)

I can already envision Kiyan and Bryce teaming up in a few years and then continuing the cipher by balling out together.  

This has too many possibilities, Stay tuned.

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