Bronny James Finally Gets On IG And Blows Up

Bronny’s account surged to 1 million followers in 24 hours, but then a video dropped.

King James is a social media powerhouse, complete with over 42 million followers on Twitter and 49 million followers on IG.

His son, Bronny, has been dying to get an IG account. So LeBron finally relented and allowed his son to start one up and it revved up immediately, generating over 1 million followers in 24 hours. The young James garnered follows from athletes like Carmelo, Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Trout. Even Draymond Green jumped in, “threatening” the young James with his “I’m at your f*ing neck this summer G!!! All gas” comment.

Just Draymond being Draymond, even though Bronny is only 14.

Bronny James on Instagram: “”Hey IG”??”

856.1k Likes, 32.8k Comments – Bronny James (@real_bronny) on Instagram: “”Hey IG”??”

But just as things were going good, things backfired as a video of Bronny bugging out was leaked and social media jumped all over it. You can check it out below but watch the volume as that language though….

Bronny spitting facts or no?

4,349 Likes, 219 Comments – Bronny James (@bronnyjr) on Instagram: “Bronny spitting facts or no?”

We’re sure that King and Queen James are not amused, and definitely not as amused as social media.

Lip Gallagher on Twitter

Lebron: “Alright Bronny, you’re on IG now, remember people are watching you so think before you pos….” Bronny: “THESE HOES DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT A NIGGA” Lebron:

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