Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph Is Feeling The Pressure

Vance Joseph knew that becoming the head coach of the Denver Broncos wasnt going to be easy and wasnt going to last long if the brother didnt produce victories and maintain the Broncos winning tradition, which includes five playoff appearances in the last six seasons and two Super Bowl looks. 

That impressive run, in which they averaged 12.5 wins per season, included the magnificence of Peyton Manning at the controls and thats a glaring missing piece to the 2017 Broncos puzzle. 

When Joseph assumed the helm, everyone seemed excited and optimistic. The reality of the situation was that Joseph was thrust into this coveted role with all of the pressures of taking over a solid franchise that is two seasons removed from a championship, but the quarterbacks that he was handed to go to war with were plastic toys at best. 

Sanders struggling along with Broncos’ offense – ESPN Video

Matthew Berry blames Brock Osweiler and the Denver offense for Emmanuel Sanders’ poor production.

Trevor Siemian is NOT and never was the answer. The Broncos were obnoxious in their thinking regarding the starting quarterback situation from the beginning. John Elway and Co. overestimated their shrewdness, believing they could steal the 2015 draft by selecting a seventh-round QB out of Northwestern, grooming him to be a superstar and the heir apparent to the greatest pure passer in the history of the game. Brock Osweiler…well we know hes a bust,  but being 6-foot-8 has its advantages I guess.

The quarterbacks are just god awful, but when you’re a rookie coach and 3-7 in the AFC West, a division you usually own, heads have to roll. Everybody is looking at Joseph to fix the problem or he quickly becomes the problem, so Joseph daggered offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Monday in a move that was bound to occur with the teams current six-game losing streak and offensive ineptitude. 

Joseph bluntly labels McCoy as the problem. If allowed to speak bluntly, McCoy would probably say that the quarterbacks at his disposal were below the grade. 

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Statement from #Broncos HC Vance Joseph on changes to the coaching staff.

Joseph has also played musical chairs in search of finding a QB who can move the offense through the air effectively. 

When we changed from Trevor to Brock, my goal was to stabilize the offense and not turn the ball over as much, Joseph said, via KUSA. It was more about the quarterback position and hoping to get a veteran guy in to stabilize the offense and not give the ball away as much. That hasnt happened. Brocks had three starts now and the same problems have occurred.

You think? 

And so I felt at this moment for our football team moving forward that a change was needed, going from Mike to Bill Musgrave, simply because I want to have a more efficient pass game. You have to have that. Our running game has been good. But our pass game has not been good in my opinion.

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From @gmfb: The #Broncos fired OC Mike McCoy. We reacted to the breaking news and the fallout from the decision.

Flipping OCs and quarterbacks won’t change the fact that a winning team in the NFL starts behind center. When you have chaos at the quarterback position or a severe lack of talent at that most vital spot, its all downhill from there. 

The quarterback is the true leader of every championship caliber team. If you have no definite, effective leadership behind center, the other players have no one to follow. 

Joseph needs to find a way to get the Broncos to finish strong. These final games will be a huge test of his leadership abilities. If the Broncos continue to sink, he might be another one-and-done, which would be tragic because there was so much hope for him as a head coach before the season began. 

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